We are a data-first company.

Data is the new gold. Our Data Strategy approach helps create a roadmap mapping data initiatives with business objectives, enabling informed decision-making and maximizing the value of data as a asset within an organization.  

We help in ingesting structured, semi-structured data, bringing in external or internal data sources using open source or variety of data integration/EL tools

what it takes to make data consumable, usable, and best of all, visual.

Assist in migrating your applications and services to the cloud. These solutions include secure and compliant data collection, storage, and management, data analysis for valuable insights, and the development and implementation of AI/ML models to enhance business processes and task automation.

We help build, deploy, and manage Machine Learning models and AI solutions using various frameworks available

Provide high-quality, whetted talent to meet your staffing and project needs (both temp or permanent)

Client Stories

Cloud/Data Assessment for a West Coast based - Healthcare company

We engaged with a major West-coast based Healthcare company to perform a cloud selection assessment. We understood the clients requirements and suggested the best toolset and architecture, methodology for cloud migration/adoption. This was a 3-month exercise. Our suggestions provided the confidence to the customer to take on a multi-year data migration/transformation journey.

Data Platform Modernization for a Regional MA Bank

We are currently engaged with a regional (publicly traded) bank from MA. The first phase involved in stabilization of their legacy data platform. We are not working with the client for cloud adoption and ETL process migration to the cloud.

Staff Augmentation

We have been extremely successful in working with almost a dozen clients helping them find the right talent for their teams. We have sourced talent from engineer level to Director. We use our extensive network and tools available to us to find and whet the candidates so that you don’t have to invest time on it. Our commission is extremely competitive. • Full-stack Engineers • Data Engineers/ETL Developers • Salesforce Developers • Integration Engineers

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